JamMusicStage presents: FOSMEA

29. April 2023 um 16:45

JamMusicStage presents: FOSMEA

JAM MUSIC LAB University

FOSMEA is a jazz project directed by Fabricio Pereira, singer/songwriter and Doublebass player from Brazil. 

A creative musical landscape filled with lirism, character and onirical scenes. With an unexplainable and paradoxical artistic richness, FOSMEA combines an instrumentation that, once awaken, is never to rest again. Where each one of them seem to have it´s own structure and, together with the vocals, create a deep search for meaning inside its own universe.

Contemporary and original music that can not be fully described, where the spiritual desire to exist evokes the phisical desire to be listened.

A Live and open "thing". Confused. FOSMEA.

Valentin Duit - Drums

Georg Vogel - Piano

Fabricio Pereira - Double Bass, Vocals and compositions

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